Friday, April 30, 2010

Strawberries are taking over my kitchen!

I wasn't wanting to drive into town to go grocery shopping on a day that was one big melt I sent Jake...
I always give him a grocery list and he 'interprets' it.   This time he did get most things on the list but came home with WAY TO MANY STRAWBERRIES to possibly eat!

So we are going to be busy making strawberry everything for the next couple of days.
The plans is Jam, crisp, smoothies, and muffins.


  1. Hi ~ I stopped by off your main site linked to Friday Follow. I am your newest follower! Always looking for new recipes. :)


  2. I am here from FF. I tried leaving a comment on your other blog but it wouldn't let me. But I am now a follower of both of your blogs. I love your food blog!!

  3. That is so funny! Sean interprets the shopping list too! Always buying huge amounts of something because it is cheaper than the small amount that I asked for. lol Must be a male thing.

  4. Hi there. We just went strawberry picking and have made two batches of strawberry bread...yummy! I am following you here and on your other blog...but your other blog won't let me leave a thought I'd say hi here!